Laura Sosa Pedroza

Laura Sosa Pedroza Librettist

LAURA SOSA PEDROZA is a bilingual Mexican screenwriter who has worked primarily in film and television. She joined the Composer Librettist Development Program as a Resident Artist in 2011 and is currently at work on La Reina with composer Jorge Sosa. Laura is co-writer of En el país de no pasa nada, selected as the winner of the Best Movie category by the OCIC jury in Guadalajara’s Film Festival in 2000. She has participated in numerous TV shows as co-writer, including Corazón partido (Telemundo-Argos, 2005); Mientras haya vida (Azteca-Argos, 2007); Las Aparicio (Cadena Tres-Argos, 2010); and El sexo débil (Cadena Tres-Argos, 2011), among others. She was head writer for Gitanas, a soap opera awarded best adaptation by the international FyMT in 2004, and was the story producer of the first season of Capadocia (HBO-Argos), which was nominated for best drama series in 2009 at the International Emmy Awards. In addition, she is the author of several episodes of Capadocia on the first, second and third seasons. In the last two years, she has worked on several TV shows for Telemundo, as head writer for En otra piel and as librettist for the first season of El señor de los Cielos, which won the award for Best Non-English Language US Primetime Program at the 2014 International Emmy Awards.